About Us

Fantasybosses.com was founded in 2017 by three friends who met playing in the same dynasty fantasy baseball league. We are:

Rocco Minsk is a Baltimore native and lifelong fan of practically anything where a score can be kept except for tennis. Without admitting his age, he spent his high school years with the Sunday morning newspaper and a calculator to publish his fantasy baseball standings weekly and vividly remembers reading and highlighting the original Rotisserie baseball book as his teenage bible . His areas of expertise are minor league prospects, golf, basketball and MLS soccer.

Dan Marcus is a lifelong Pittsburgh fan and began writing about fantasy sports in 2014. He has written for Fantasy Pros and for Rotoballer. Fantasy baseball was his first love, but his hatred for the zero running back strategy has inspired him to join the fantasy football world, where he has been breaking new ground with his analytic based writing. He figures that if he tolerate working with a Baltimorean, anything in this world is possible.

John Aubin grew up in New England. He has lived in New York, Texas and even Engand but found his way back to Patriots country. After surviving many years of Patriots mediocrity, John is now enjoying the glory years of the Patriots. John figures that he wants maximum visibility while New England dominates the sports world and would rather wake up to news of nuclear war than Tom Brady’s retirement.